Kentucky Circle Village. Affordable Senior Living.
Affordable Senior Living in a Neighborhood Setting
Affordable Senior Living in a Neighborhood Setting  

Independent Living

Kentucky Circle Village is an independent living facility. That means that you are capable, without assistance of:

  1. Moving safely around your apartment, including the ability to evacuate yourself in case of a fire or other emergency.
  2. Obtaining your food and preparing your own meals.
  3. Dressing, bathing, and feeding yourself.
  4. Keeping your apartment clean and safe from hazards.
  5. Obtaining and adminstering all of your prescribed medications.
  6. Orienting yourself as to physical and social functions, and to location.

If you use a cane, walker, or wheelchair and can meet these standards, you will also be welcome at Kentucky Circle Village. In addition, you may receive assistance from a contracted home service organization, although you must make those arrangements and pay for them yourself.


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