Kentucky Circle Village. Affordable Senior Living.
Affordable Senior Living in a Neighborhood Setting
Affordable Senior Living in a Neighborhood Setting  

About Kentucky Circle Village

Kentucky Circle Village is a neighborhood community of 172 apartments located in the Glendale area of Denver. We have provided affordable independent living for seniors age 62 and older since 1959. Because we are supported by a number of city, state, and federal programs, income limits also may apply.


We are an outreach mission jointly owned and operated by three churches in the Denver area: 

These three organizations have maintained their commitment to providing affordable housing for seniors for nearly 60 years.


Our 125 campus apartments were built in 1959 and substantially upgraded and remodeled in 2000 and 2017. They are one-story buildings with three to eight units in each building and are arranged around the Kentucky Circle loop in a parklike setting of mature lawns and trees.


The 47 courtyard apartments were built in 2000. They are situated in two and three story buildings around a central courtyard. The units on the top floor of each building have vaulted ceilings and clerestory windows.

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